Description: this instrument is the work of Giuseppe Baldantoni of Ancona. It has the maker’s original brand on the interior of the back with the date 1865. It is a good and characteristic example of the maker’s work.

Measurements: 35.9cm in length of body, with widths of 16.6cm and 20.5cm.

Violin maker: Baldantoni, Giuseppe. Born 1784, died 1873 Ancona Italy. Influenced by the violinist Nappi, and the treatise by Bagatella. Large Stradivari-derived model. Small corners and very flat arching. Soundholes set very upright and close to the edges. Striking scroll with neat and concentric volute, but very broad across the front face and pegbox. Fine red-brown varnish, if a little thin, with good ground. Double basses highly regarded. Joseph Baldantonj / Anconae fecit Anno 1856 Josephus Baldantonus / Anconiae fecit Anno 1839 Joseph Baldantoni / Anconae Ancona.1809. [John Dilworth]


This year has been amazing playing the Baldantoni violin. I feel after year that I’m finally getting all the the different nuances and colours from the instrument.

Miles Brett, May 2017