The Harrison-Frank Family Foundation

12 Cuypers

Description: this violin is a fine old Dutch instrument, the work of Johannes Cuypers of The Hague, whose label it bears dated 1797. It is a fine and characteristic example of the maker’s work.

Measurements: 35.4cm in length of body, with widths of 16.9cm and 20.7cm.

Violin maker: Cuypers, Johannes Franciscus. Born 1766, died 1828 The Hague, Netherlands. Baptised as Jean-François. Worked for his father until his death in 1808, including a period from 1783-1823 spent in Liedestraat, Amsterdam. Although immediately recognisable as ‘Cuypers’ work, with the distinctive scroll and Stainer-like soundholes, Johannes Franciscus was the most refined maker of the family and produced more Stradivarian flat arches and a more refined finish even to the extent of sometimes imitating the blackened chamfers of a Stradivarius head. The varnish is improved from his father’s recipe. Richer, more transparent, and warmer in tone. Labels generally handwritten: Joannes Franciscus Cuijper. [John Dilworth]

The loan of the Johannes Cuypers violin has helped me develop as a violinist and performer. Using this instrument has helped me find new sounds and colours in my repertoire which were not possible before. It has always been my dream to play on an instrument like this and I am so so thankful to the foundation for lending me this instrument.

Joshua Tooley, January 2018