Description: this violin is a fine old Italian instrument made in the workshop of Vincenzo Postiglione of Naples, whose label it bears dated 1898. It is a fine and characteristic example of Italian workmanship.

Measurements: 35.7cm in length of body, with widths of 16.4cm and 20.5cm.

Violin maker: Postiglione, Vincenzo (II). Born 1835, died 1916 Naples Italy. Presumed son and pupil of Vincenzo Postiglione (I), above. Apprenticed to Vincenzo Jorio 1847-1852. Established independently in Naples from 1855. His shop was continued by his sons from 1910. One of the leading Italian makers of the period. Convincing copies of Nicolas Gagliano with appropriate varnish. Guarneri models with darker red-brown varnish. Stradivari and Guadagnini models also encountered. Credited with 278 violins, 60 violas, 115 cellos, 29 double basses, nine viola d’amores, and 14 viols. Some branded on the back button: ‘P’ Vincentius Postiglione / me fecit Neapoli Anno 18. [John Dilworth]


Thanks to the Harrison-Frank Family Foundation, I have the pleasure of playing on a beautiful and very characterful violin by Vincenzo Postiglione. It helped me immensely in my own playing and my violinistic development by discovering new sound worlds and finding new colours.

Marie Schreer, September 2017