Description: this violin is a fine old German instrument, the work of Leopold Widhalm of Nuremberg, whose original label it bears dated 1772. It is a fine and characteristic example of the maker’s work.

Measurements: 35.5cm full in length of body, with widths of 16.4cm and 20.2cm.

Violin maker: Widhalm, Leopold (I). Born 1722, died 1776 Nuremberg Germany. Generally recognised as the best German maker following Stainer. Very distinctive and graceful model with medium high arch and deeply fluted at the edges. Broad purfling, beautifully inlaid. Soundholes based on the Stainer pattern, but refined and neat without any exaggeration. The scroll is also very well worked, a synthesis of Amati and Stainer patterns. Some instruments have carved pearwood heads. Characteristic edgework having the underside strongly chamfered with a knife cut. Interior blocks and linings of pine with ‘c’ bouts morticed. Varnish particularly good, ranging from light golden-brown in early work, to a dark orange-brown in the mature period, but always of a rich, soft translucency and frequently with a fine crackled texture. Excellent materials. [John Dilworth]


Since September, I have had the privilege and honour to play on the Wildham violin thanks to the Harrison-Frank Family Foundation. It was love at first sight – the first violin I tried and the one that I picked. Not only have I feel liberated since I play on it, but it seems like I still have a lot to discover from it. It has made me a better musician, a more accurate professional and it keeps on surprising me on a daily basis. I also feel very grateful since it has helped me tremendously in every single audition that I have done since September. I cannot imagine playing on a different instrument!

Morane Cohen-Lamburger, June 2017