The Harrison-Frank Family Foundation

22 Carcassi

Description: this violin is a fine old Italian instrument, the work of Lorenzo & Tomaso Carcassi of Florence, as indicated by the label it bears dated 1750. It is a good and characteristic example of the makers’ work.

Measurements: 35.8cm in length of body, with widths of 16.9cm and 20.7cm.

Violin maker: Carcassi, Lorenzo & Tomaso. Worked circa. 1750-1780 Florence Italy. Pupils of Giovanni Baptista Gabrielli, the brothers Carcassi worked both together and individually to varying standards of finish and accuracy, generally to a high-arched Stainer model which prevailed in Florence at that time. Often crudely cut but distinctive scroll with large eye and slender chamfers. Varnish is generally of a clear thin yellow colour; sometimes richer gold-brown. The range of quality can be quite unnerving; some quite coarse looking work can be perfectly authentic, while others conform to more classical notions of craftsmanship and depth of varnish. Lore e Tomo Carcassi. In Firenze nell’ / Anno 1749. [John Dilworth]

Playing the Carcassi violin is a source of inspiration, discovery and joy and I feel privileged to play such a beautiful instrument.  Thanks to the kind generosity of the Harrison Frank Foundation I was able to give a new start to my performing career and to enjoy my playing more. I am very grateful to the Harrison Frank Foundation for the loan of the Carcassi violin.

Francesca Cannas, June 2018