Description: this violin is a fine old French instrument, the work of Pierre Hel of Lille, whose original label it bears dated 1923. It is a fine and characteristic example of the maker’s work.

Measurements: 35.8cm in length of body, with widths of 16.6cm and 20.6cm.

Violin maker: Hel, Pierre Jean Henri Born 1884, died 1931 Lille France. Violin and bow maker. Son, pupil, and successor of Joseph Hel, above. Credited with over 400 violins, violas, and cellos on Stradivari, Amati, and Guarneri models. Developed his personal model in 1923 for Georges Enesco. Fine red and orange-red varnish of rich texture. A decorated violin he dubbed ‘le Rossignol’ (the nightingale) shown at the Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris 1924. Diplomas at the St. Louis and Milan exhibitions 1904 and 1906. More commercial student quality work produced in his shop by his staff. Fine bows, branded: ‘PIERRE HEL’. Printed label: Pierre Hel Luthier du / Conservatoire à P.H. / Lille en l’an 1923. [John Dilworth]


This violin is currently available.