Description: This violin is a fine old Italian instrument, the work of Giovanni Pistucci of Naples. It dates from c.1920. It is a fine and characteristic example of the maker’s work.

Measurements: 35.7cm in length of body, with widths of 16.9cm and 20.8cm full.

Violin maker: Pistucci, Giovanni. Born 1864, died 1955 Naples Italy. Pupil of V. Postiglione, active from 1885. Important maker of the 20th cent Neapolitan school. Fine work on classical models, many reproductions of Gagliano and other minor Neapolitan makers with reproduction labels. Fine varnish in shades of golden yellow and red brown, although much of the varnishing was done by Bellarosa, who purchased all the tools and equipment of his workshop after his death. Medals awarded at Brussels and Naples. Credited with 800 violins, 200 violas, and 25 cellos. Giovanni Pistucci / Napoli 1923 Giovanni Pistucci / alunno di Vincenzo Postiglione / fece in Napoli anno 1909. [John Dilworth]


This violin is currently on loan to Ionel Manicu.