The Harrison-Frank Family Foundation

38 De Vitor

Description: this violin is a fine old Italian instrument, the work of Petrus Paulus de Vitor of Venice, whose original label it bears. It dates from 1730-1740. It is a good and characteristic example of the maker’s work.

Measurements: 35.2cm in length of body, with widths of 16.5cm and 20.3cm.

Violin maker: De Vitor, Pietro Paolo. Worked circa. 1738-1741 Brescia Italy. Of Venetian origin according to his label. Work rarely encountered, but of striking form and workmanship; an interesting mixture of early Brescian and later Rogeri styles. It is possible that he may have had some contact with Pietro Giacomo Rogeri. Full arch, in the Brescian manner, but evenly regulated. Long gracefully cut and well set soundholes; long outward pointing corners. The finely-carved scroll has very distinctively cut flutings, somewhat in the manner of Rogeri, in which the outer edge, although well-defined, is very slight, and the fluting increases in depth toward the central ridge which is sharply raised. Fine deep-orange varnish. [John Dilworth]

I love playing this instrument. It’s had a huge impact on my playing and my success in auditions.

Scott Lowry, March 2018