Description: This violin is a fine Italian instrument, the work of Anselmo Gotti. It dates from c.1940 and bears a facsimile label of his teacher, Luigi Soffritti. It is a fine and characteristic example of the maker’s work.

Measurements: 35.6cm in length of body, with widths of 16.5cm and 20.4cm .

Violin maker: Gotti, Anselmo. Born 1902 Pieve di Cento, Worked from 1922 Ferrara Italy. Nephew of Orsolo Gotti, below. Violinist. Pupil of Soffritti in Ferrara from 1922. Later established there independently. Finished several instruments left by Soffritti after his death in 1928. Worked in restoration for Anton Wittman in Vienna 1930, but returned to Ferrara the next year to complete another batch of instruments left unfinished by Armando Monterumici. Worked on new instruments of his own from 1933. Very fine Stradivari and Guarneri imitations; also personal models. Red-brown oil varnish and excellent materials. A. Gotti / Ferrara 1948 A. Gotti / Alumno di Ettore Soffritti / fece in Ferrara Vanno 1929. [John Dilworth]


After finishing my studies and having to give back my previous loan violin, I am so grateful to the Harrison-Frank Family Foundation for giving me stability for the start of my professional playing life. The Gotti violin is a privilege to play and gives me so much confidence in concerts and auditions.

Ruth Sanderson, April 2018