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46 Maurizi

Description: This violin is a fine old Italian instrument, the work of Francesco Maurizi of Appignano. It dates from c. 1850.

Measurement: The violin measures 35.7cm in length of body, with widths of 16.3cm and 20.8cm.

Violin maker: Maurizi, Franceso. Born 1816 Colle del Tronto, Worked from 1840, died 1903 Appignano del Tronto Italy. Amatisé model but with poorly controlled outline, narrow edges, and short corners. Soundholes rather constricted, especially in the upper half. Large scroll with weak chamfer. Orange-red, sometimes slightly greenish-hued, golden brown varnish. Very unprepossessing materials. Anno 1850 / Franciscus Maurizi / Appineanensis Fecit Francesco Maurizi / fece in Appignani nel 1856 Fecit / Franciscus Maurizi /Apponeani. [John Dilworth]