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47 Klotz

Description: This violin is a fine old German instrument, the work of Joahnn Karl Klotz of Mittenwald, as indicated by the label it bears. It dates from c. 1786.

Measurement: The violin measures 35.2cm in length of body, with widths of 16.3cm and 20.1cm.

Violin maker: Klotz, Johann Karl. B. 1709, d. 1769 Mittenwald, Germany. Son of Mathias Klotz. Thought to have been the pupil of Sebastian, his half-brother. He himself trained one apprentice, Philip Sailer c.1737-1742, and his own sons Wolfgang and Michael. Less well diciplined in execution than some others of the family but similar model. Cremonese soundholes, characteristic head with small inner volute and extended last turn. Varnish thin and intense in colour, some more Amati-like golden brown. Manuscript labels up to 1750; thereafter printed: Ioan. Carl Klotz, in / Mittenwald, An 1752. Johan Carl Klotz fecit / in Mittenwald, 1754. [John Dilworth]