Description: this violin is a fine old Italian instrument, the work of Onorato, the son of Antonio Gragnani of Livorno, as indicated by the original label it bears dated 1787.

Measurements: 35.4cm in length of body, with widths of 16.5cm and 20.1cm bare.

Violin maker: Gragnani, Onorato. fl.c.1770-1799 Livorno, Italy. Son and pupil of Antonio Gragnani. Work very similar to that of his father, but generally heavier in all aspects. Scroll comparatively crudely finished. Onorato Gragnani / Figlio d’Antonio / Fatto in ¬†Livorno il 1799. Onorato Gragnani / filius Antonio / Livorno, 1786.¬†[John Dilworth]