The Harrison-Frank Family Foundation

Victor Caparnagiu

Victor was born in Romania and started playing violin at the age of 6, having already developed a love for violin from the influence of his grandfather who was himself a violinist. During his teenage years he lived in Spain following the conservatoire route after which he moved to London to finish his undergraduate studies in performance (teachers: Boris Brovtsyn, Lana Trotovtsek).

His artistry has been honed in masterclasses by virtuoso violinists such as Michael Bochmann, John Crawford, Ofer Falk, Mayumi Fujikawa, Mauro Rossi, Yaron Thaub, Mirabai Weismehl and Rivka Golani.

Victor is a versatile violinist based in London. He plays regularly with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Aymphony Orchestra, St Paul’s Sinfonia and he is currently on trial with Scottish Opera.

The Harrison Frank Family foundation has been a most valuable pillar for the development of his playing. Victor has on loan a violin made by Carlo Carletti (c.1920) and a bow by Celestine Emile Clasquin (c.1915).

Photo credit: Cristina Schek