The Harrison-Frank Family Foundation is a charitable organization which owns a collection of fine violins and bows available for loan to talented young players. This website provides general information regarding the programme, and specific information for young musicians wishing to apply.


The Jacob Ford violin on loan to me from the Harrison-Frank Foundation is a perfect instrument to be played on with gut strings and will from now on be the instrument I play on in the Consone Quartet.

This instrument has a gorgeous deep lower register and a beautiful bright top register, perfect for blending in a quartet while also being able to bring out those higher singing violin melodies. I very much look forward to getting to know this instrument better and exploring lots of repertoire on it!

Agata Daraskaite, October 2017

I feel extremely privileged to be able to perform on a wonderful Santagiuliana violin and am sincerely grateful to the Harrison-Frank Family Foundation for this generous loan. The instrument is a constant source of pleasure and discovery, and is a great support to my performing career.

Alessandro Ruisi, September 2017

About the loan of the violin: I’m very grateful to have the Maurizi violin on loan, I got help from the Harrison Frank Foundation when I most needed – after leaving college where I had a wonderful violin on loan, suddenly I didn’t have a violin anymore and I kept going through different ones on short loans. This violin has given me a bit more stability and I really see it as a friendly companion. I know I can trust it and what I give to it, I get back – what else can I ask for?

Joanna Ly, July 2017

This year has been amazing playing the Baldantoni violin. I feel after year that I’m finally getting all the the different nuances and colours from the instrument.

Miles Brett, May 2017