Please see below the artists who currently have one of our violins or bows on loan. Click on the images to see their biographies, further details and links to their websites where you can find more information and a list of upcoming concerts.

Alicia Berendse

Francesca Cannas

Victor Carpanagiu

Henry Chandler

Morane Cohen-Lamberger

Christopher Cohen

Jessica Coleman

Eleanor Corr

Agata Daraskaite

Patrick Dawkins

Alice Earll

Zhivko Georgiev

Boglárka György

Hatty Haynes

Henrietta Hill

Venetia Jollands

Christopher Jones

Kana Kawashima

Cara-Rose Laskaris

Magdalena Loth-Hill

William Scott Lowry

Joana Ly

Ionel Manciu

Maria Fiore Mazzarini

Adelia Myslov

Kate Oswin

Emma Pantel

Eunsley Park

André Gaio Pereira

Oscar Perks

Ana Popescu-Deutsch

Djumash Poulsen

Emma Purslow

Alessandro Ruisi

Ruth Sanderson

Radhika de Saram

Marie Schreer

Colin Scobie

George Smith

Lieva Starker

Heather Anne Stewart

Lasma Taimina

Joshua Tooley

Katherine Waller

Ada Witczyk